High Voltage Capacitor

Sharda is producing power compensation capacitors since 20 years

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Surge Absorbing / Protective Capacitor

surge protection capacitors are of special type capacitors. Its application is of specialized nature i.e. in case of abnormal condition.

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Low Voltage Panel Mounted APP Capacitor

Low Voltage i.e. up to 650volt, are from 5KVAr to 50KVAr in single units and for further range in banking system as per customer requirement

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High & Low Voltage Capacitor Panel

For optimum utilization of available power the reactive power consumption should be reduced or nullified i.e. power factor should be unity

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Metalised Poly Propolin Capacitor

To overcome this problem the new technique is employed i.e. To use Metallized Polypropylene Film instead of AllPolypropylene Film

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We Manufacturers Condenser, Running Condenser, Starting Condenser

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